Sons of Liberty Meeting Place

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Sons of Liberty Meeting Place

After 1766, many American colonists of all trades felt that the British Crown was becoming more and more overbearing and intolerable. People like Samuel Adams were instrumentable in organizing concerned citizens into groups that promoted the resistance of taxes, acts and laws that further encroached on the earnings and rights of Colonists. Several groups such as a the Boston Caucus Club and the Loyal Nine would roll into a larger group known as the Sons of Liberty. While there was no formal membership, anybody who shared the affinity of liberty from the Crown was considered a Son of Liberty.

The term "Sons of Liberty" was used in anonymous memos and notices placed around Boston in order to bring to attention certain efforts or events that mattered to the average Bostonian. The name unified an often disparate collection of people with differing ideals, but all sharing the goal of throwing off real and perceived yokes of oppression by the Crown.

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