Colonial Rebellion

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The Shot Heard Round the World

Since the end of the French and Indian War, American colonists had to endure many real and perceived encroachments on earnings and rights. In 1774, General Howe closed down Boston Harbor. At that point, many Bostonians and those living in the environs outside had a feeling that something would happen.

The events that transpired starting in the early morning of April 19th sealed the deal. What began as an attempt by the Crown to secure ammunition and stores in Concord ended up being the final straw for many Colonists.

The Battle of Lexington (4/19/1775)
Buckman Tavern, Lexington
Battle Green, Lexington
Battle Green Monument, Lexington

Captain Parker Statue, Lexington

The Battle of Concord (4/19/1775)
North Bridge, Concord
Minuteman Statue, Concord

The Battle Road (4/19/1775)
Hartwell Tavern, Lincoln
Eames Rangers, Concord

Longfellow House, Concord

Battle of Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill)

Henry Knox's Canons

G. Washington occupies Dorchester Heights /British evacuate Boston

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The North Bridge Minuteman Statue The Longfellow Home Eames's Rangers Hartwell Tavern Lexington Battle Green Monument Buckman Tavern Captain Parker Statue Lexington Battle Green Bunker Hill Knox's Cannons Dorchester Heights Fort Hill Old North Church